Debt Free In Five Years


I invite you to participate in Debt Free in Five, a five-year campaign to impact the future of our congregation and community. I seek your support to ensure that the accomplishment of recent years is not remembered merely as a bright moment in Sugar Creek’s long history, but rather as the foundation for greater breadth and strength, with the capacity to contribute —not only to the city but also to the world. [pullquoteright] [/pullquoteright]

Sugar Creek’s vision establishes a scope of ministry that is unmatched by any other. In five years, we will all be suprised at what God can do-and some of us will be ready. To be prepared, we must be faithful and fearless in imagining the future and relentless in pursuing in. At Sugar Creek we know that excellence is perishable: sustaining it requires not just stewardship, but sacrifice and investment. We are not obligated to predict what Sugar Creek will be like one hundred years from now. But we are obligated to take the dare of the future. Since we love the Sugar Creek, we must make sure it is ready for its best tomorrows.


As a local congregation we are committed to operating debt free. We have developed a plan to retire our mortgage debt in five years. As a congregation, we have decided to rely on God for what we need and we don’t look to debt to provide things we want.  We trust that God will provide it, in His time. The borrower is slave to the lender, even in church (Prov.22:7)!  [pullquoteleft] Download Debt Free in Five Roadmap [/pullquoteleft]Each year we plan to reduce our debt by an additional $60,000. At that pace we will be debt free by March 2020, saving the church over $200,000 in interest.

As a church committed to operating debt-free, we teach the congregation to save for the future and practice what we preach. Many churches take a “use it or lose it” approach to their cash flow, but debt-free churches have a spending plan in place that involves saving for future investments. We recognize that God owns it all, and that we are simply asset managers for Him. It impacts the decisions we make with money.

Serving at the King’s Pleasure

Leslie B. James


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