Just Listen

A ministry that listens when the heart is ready to be heard.

Guiding Scripture
“The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” (Proverbs 20:5)

Guiding Mantra
“God simply wants to use me as a channel of His affirming love as I listen with compassion and understanding.”

Guiding Values
1. Good listening is a ministry.
2. Good listening is an act of love.
3. Good listening requires patience.
4. Good listening asks perceptive questions.

Why We Exist
The most important ministry we do is square our shoulders to some hurting person, uncross our arms, lean forward, make eye contact, and hear their pain all the way to the bottom. Poor listening diminishes another person, while good listening invites them to exist and matter.

Who We Serve
We serve everyone whether members, guests, non-members. Anyone who needs a listening hear within a Christian context.

How We Serve
Good listening asks perceptive, open-ended questions that don’t tee up yes-no answers, but gently peel the onion and probe beneath the surface. It watches carefully for nonverbal communication, but doesn’t interrogate and pry into details the person doesn’t want to share, but meekly draws them out and helps point to fresh perspectives through careful, but genuine, questions.

Team Members
A group of highly gifted Christians who have been wired by God for the ministry of compassion and hospitality. The “Just Listen” team has been prayerfully selected based on their SHAPE profile, biblical and professional training. Most have completed the courses: “When Helping Hurts & Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” Disclosure: Although team member may have a counseling background, they do not serve in the capacity as licensed professional counselors or therapist.

Information shared during “Just Listen” sessions are kept confidential and will not be discussed with anyone without consent. “Just Listen” is not a ministry for the sharing of someone else’s confidential information, dissemination of rumors or gossip. Information shared that may pose harm to person or property, may require reporting to the appropriate persons or authorities.

In an attempt to protect those who serve by listening and the church, those being served by this ministry agree to waive all liability from the Sugar Creek Church of Christ. By engaging with the “Just Listen” ministry, all liability is waved from the listener and the Sugar Creek Church of Christ.